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Waves Ahead

Waves Ahead Puerto Rico and its Community Center provides advocacy and services for the LGBT+ older adults.

July 2023

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Supporting Your LGBTQ+ Grandchild

SAGE partnered with PFLAG to produce a guide for grandparents and those with younger loved ones who are coming out at LGBTQ+. Learn how sexual orientation differs from gender identity, tips for showing your support, and more.

October 2021 | PFLAG and SAGE

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Apoyando a su nieto LGBTQ+

Es probable que esté leyendo esta publicación porque su nieto o un ser querido (utilizaremos ambos términos indistintamente) ha salido del armario, es decir, ha compartido con usted que es lesbiana, gay, bisexual, transgénero, no binario/a, queer o cuestionándose (LGBTQ+).

October 2021

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Independientemente de la edad, el proceso de salir del closet es personal y puede estar lleno de momentos mixtos de alivio, celebración, ansiedad y estrés, a medida que las personas entran en lo que pueden conocer cómo vivir sus vidas auténticas.

June 2021 | SAGE National Resource Center on LGBT Aging

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I'm Coming Out: Coming Out as LGBT in Later Life

Coming out in later life can be filled with times of joy, celebration, anxiety and stress. Know that you are not alone. This fact sheet provides you with tips and resources as you explore coming out in later life.

May 2021 | SAGE National Resource Center on LGBT Aging

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Looking for Love? Sweetheart Scam_Updated 2019

Tips on how LGBT older people can avoid the "Sweetheart Scam".

February 2019 | National Center on Elder Abuse and National Resource Center on LGBT Aging

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Update - Coming of Age at the Time of Stonewall a Q & A with Jane Fleishman, PhD

This Q & A is an update regarding the research of Jane Fleishman on what it was like to come of age and come out during the Stonewall Era.

August 2017 | Jane Fleishman, PhD

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Fact Sheet: When LGBT Older Adults Come Out

This fact sheet provides organizations with best practices for honoring the confidentiality and informed consent regarding personal information shared by LGBT older adults.

January 2017 | SAGE's National Resource on LGBT Aging

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Encouraging an Inclusive Practice: Care Management Ally Comes Out in Support of the LGBT Community

This article introduces the reader to the field of Care Management and the journey of a Care Manager who came out as an LGBT Ally.

October 2016 | Tiffany Webster, MSW, LCSW, CMC, A Plus Aging Advantage

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From This Day Forward – Q&A interview with Documentary Director, Sharon Shattuck and her parents Trisha and Marcia.

This Q&A explores the real life family story behind the creation of From This Day Forward - a moving portrayal of an American family coping with one of the most intimate of transformations.

October 2016 | Sharon Shattuck and her parents Trisha and Marcia Shattuck

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Looking for Love? First Look Out for You!

Tips on How LGBT Elders Can Avoid the Infamous Sweetheart Scam

February 2016 | National Center on Elder Abuse and SAGE's National Resource Center on LGBT Aging

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In Support of Coming Out: Support Groups for Older Adults

Article discussing a Coming Out Support Group for Older Adults.

October 2015 | Meghan Garvey, LMSW

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My Bi Voice…

A poignant, first-person account of coming out as bisexual.

April 2014 | Terri Clark

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Coming Out Later in Life

This article is a first person account of coming out as a lesbian after having been married to a man.

December 2013 | Joanne Fleisher

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Safer Sex 4 Seniors: Coming Out Can Be Ageless

This fact sheet answer questions about coming out later in life.

July 2012 | Terri Clark, MPH, CHES

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Coming Out Women

Coming Out Women, located in Tacoma, WA, is a confidential support/discussion group for women who are in varying degrees of being "out."

March 2012 |

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Unique Challenges of Coming Out in Later Life

This article presents the unique challenges faced by LGBT elders when coming out later in life.

February 1999 | Carolyn Altman, C.S.W.

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