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Older Women & Poverty

December 2018 | Justice in Aging - Amber Christ, Senior Staff Attorney, and Tracey Gronniger, Directing Attorney

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Older LGBTQ women also face specific challenges when it comes to economic security in retirement, including discrimination and the increased likelihood of living alone or being estranged from family because of their identity.

This three-part special report takes a closer look at the lives of older women to better understand the challenges they face and how we can address them. The first section explores why a significant portion of older women live near or in poverty, while also shedding light on intersectional issues that make women of color and LGBTQ women even more likely to age in poverty than their white counterparts. The second section discusses important anti-poverty programs that older women rely on, and the third lays out specific policy recommendations for increasing women’s economic security and access to supports as they get older.

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