LGBT Older People: Our Right to a Peaceful Life

September 2018 | National Center on Elder Abuse, SAGE, and FORGE

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“Everyone has the right to live in contented peace, no matter their age or capacity. Unfortunately, our social structures are not as strong as they need to be. As a result, too many older people become isolated and at risk of experiencing abuse, neglect, or exploitation. This is particularly true for LGBT older people, who may have fewer biological relatives to lean on and who may feel safer staying out of or quiet in community settings. We are all entitled to live a life free of abuse. And there are individual and collective steps we can take to remodel and reconstruct the way we care for and support older people so that everyone stays connected to their community. ”

LGBT Older People: Our Right to a Peaceful Life provides steps LGBT older people can take to feel empowered and advocate for themselves. Please share with your friends and networks.