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NYS Marriage Equality: Focus on Estate Planning

July 2011 | Tom Sciacca, Esq.

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"It is essential that LGBT couples remain vigilant in ensuring that their estate planning documents afford them the greatest protection until this country offers full marriage equality."

Trusts and Estates attorney, Tom Sciacca, Esq., details the importance of estate planning in relation to New York State's passage of marriage equality. Decades of advocacy and activism have finally afforded LGBT couples all of the most basic rights and benefits their heterosexual counterparts have enjoyed for hundreds of years under New York law. However, the lack of Federal marriage equality still presents a final hurdle the LGBT community in New York State (and other states that allow same-sex marriage) must overcome to achieve full equal rights and protection of their relationships. Now is the time for LGBT couples to review their estate planning documents to ensure they are taking full advantage of every benefit the Marriage Equality Act offers, and to remedy any shortfalls. You can learn more about Tom and his practice here.

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Tom Sciacca, Esq. Explains the Importance of Marriage Equality in NYS

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