LGBTQ+ Aging Research Connections Opportunities

April 2022

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Research Title: Trans Resiliency Project

Organization: Mercy College

Study Purpose: The Transgender Resilience Project is a strengths-based comprehensive study of the experiences of transgender and gender diverse people across the lifespan to improve health and academic success. The project serves as an opportunity for individuals in gender diverse communities to come together to support each other and educate others about their experiences.

*Participants Should Be: People who identify as transgender or gender diverse in the USA and Europe, who are older than 19, and haven’t had a partner in the study could be interviewed in English.

Website to participate in the study

Research Incentives/Benefits: Participants will receive $75 incentive for participating in the study.

Primary Contact: Sarah Hahn

To participate

Recruitment Begins: 03/01/2022

Recruitment Ends: 06/30/2022


Research Title: Project Respect: LGBTQ+ Experiences with Healthcare Providers for Serious Illness

Organization: Yeshiva University - Wurzweiler School of Social Work; and Fordham University - Graduate School of Social Service

Study Purpose: Project Respect is recruiting a sample of LGBTQ+ individuals with serious illness, or the spouses/partners or widows of someone with a serious illness, to complete their survey.  We seek to hear about LGBTQ+ patient and partner experiences with healthcare providers while receiving care for a serious illness.  Our goal is to plan training for doctors, nurses, social workers, and clergy that will reduce discrimination and increase respect for the LGBTQ+ community.  The anonymous survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.  Please distribute this announcement to individuals, clients/patients, friends, colleagues, networks, or anyone you think would be interested in completing our survey.

Website to participate in the study:

Research Incentives/Benefits: Participants won't receive any incentives or direct benefits for completing the survey.  We hope that knowledge gained about LGBTQ+ patient and partner experiences will reduce discrimination and increase respect for the LGBTQ+ community in healthcare settings.

Primary Contact: Gary Stein

To participate email:

Recruitment Begins: 12/1/2021

Recruitment Ends: 7/31/2022


Research Title: The Dolores & Soledad Project – Chronic Pain and Loneliness in Latinos / Proyecto Dolores y Soledad – Dolor crónico y soledad en latinos

Organization: Weill Cornell Medicine

Study Purpose: Researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine are conducting a research study that aims to understand the experiences of Latinos, 60 years and older living with chronic pain or loneliness.

If you are eligible and agree to take part in the study, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire and interview on the phone or in person that will explore your views and opinions. This information will contribute to enhancing quality of healthcare and effectiveness of current treatment.


Investigadores de Weill Cornell Medicine están llevando a cabo un estudio de investigación que pretende comprender las experiencias de los latinos de 60 años o más, que viven con dolor crónico o soledad.
Si cumple los requisitos y acepta participar en el estudio, se le pedirá que llene un cuestionario y participe en una entrevista para conocer sus puntos de vista y opiniones. Se espera que esta información contribuya a mejorar la calidad de la atención médica y la eficacia del tratamiento actual.

Research Incentives/Benefits:Eligible participants will be compensated for completing the study with a $50 American Express gift card.

Los participantes elegibles serán compensados por completar el estudio con una tarjeta de regalo con valor de $50 de American Express.

Primary Contact: Dr. David Camacho

To participate: If you are interested in participating or if you would like more information about this project, please contact our project number (646) 801-0602 or email Dr. David Camacho at

Si le interesa participar o desea más información sobre este proyecto, llame al (646) 801-0602 o comuníquese por correo electrónico con el Dr. David Camacho a la dirección

Recruitment Begins: 2/1/2022

Recruitment Ends: 9/30/2023


Research Title: The Impact of LGBTQ+ Identities on the Reminiscence Bump

Organization: University of California, Santa Cruz

Study Purpose: We are interested in autobiographical memories (ABM) in elderly gay men (over 60yo), in particular, a phenomenon called the reminiscence bump where memories for periods of identity formation are relatively accessible. Because life scripts differ for LGBT people relative to the broader population, we expect that ABM will be organized around different landmarks. We will conduct structured interviews where we elicit ABMs and have participants rate them on several dimensions. We hope to finish data collection by mid-April 2022. The goals include academic publications and presentations of the research for interested community and scientific bodies.

Research Incentives/Benefits: Participants won't receive any direct benefits for participating in the study, but we hope that the knowledge gained will contribute to our understanding of memory and identity in aging LGBT populations.

Study/Organization Website:

Primary Contact: Jeremy Yamashiro

To participate email:

Recruitment Begins: 1/14/22

Recruitment Ends: 5/13/22


Research Title: Thriving Together

Organization: Oregon State University

Study Purpose: The Aging with Pride: We are recruiting for a national qualitative study with transgender and gender diverse cancer survivors and their support networks. Our goals are to learn more about how they navigate cancer-related stressors and interactions with healthcare providers and the health system, as well as to identify possible strategies for increasing support during and after care.

Research Incentives/Benefits: Each participant will be compensated a $30 eGift card for their time.

Study/Organization Website:

Primary Contact: Steph Corey

To participate email:

Recruitment Begins: 9/13/2021

Recruitment Ends: 4/30/2022


Research Title: Aging with Pride: IDEA (Innovations in Dementia Empowerment and Action)

Organization: University of Washington

Study Purpose: The Aging with Pride: IDEA (Innovations in Dementia Empowerment and Action) study is the first federally-funded research study examining ways to improve the health and quality of life for adults aged 50 and older in the LGBTQ community with memory loss.

Research Incentives/Benefits: Participants are paid $25 for each telephone assessment completed. There are 5 telephone assessments.

Study/Organization Website:

Primary Contact: Amy Cunningham

For More Information Email:

Recruitment is CLOSED


Research Title: Healthy Aging Beyond Sex and Gender Binaries

Organization: University of South Carolina

Study Purpose: This study seeks to understand the health needs and health care experiences of intersex adults 65+ in the United States.

Research Incentives/Benefits: Participants will receive a $40 Visa pre-paid gift card through the mail via U.S. postal service for their time and effort after the 60-90 minute interview.

Study/Organization Website:

Primary Contact: Nik Lampe

For More Information Email:

Recruitment is CLOSED


Research Title: Efficacy of the WeCareAdvisor: An Online Tool to Help Caregivers Manage Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms in Persons with Dementia

Organization: Drexel University College of Nursing & Health Professions

Study Purpose: The study's purpose is to assess an easy-to-use web-based tool to help caregivers of people living with dementias. Caregivers will be assigned to immediate treatment or 3-month waitlist control groups. Our specific objectives are to test: 1) Short-term (1-month) and 2) Longer-term efficacy (3-months) of WeCareAdvisor on caregiver distress, confidence managing BPSD, or BPSD frequency and severity; 3) whether the waitlist control group demonstrates similar benefits after using the tool over a 3-month exposure; and 4) Tool utilization and outcomes using different reminders. Caregivers are enrolled for 6 months.

Study Website:

Primary Contact: Laura Gitlin

For More Information:

Recruitment Begins: October 2021



*SAGE and the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging have reviewed the research opportunities listed here to ensure the research has been approved by the sponsoring organization’s Institutional Review Board (IRB), aligns with the mission of SAGE, and promotes the core values of diversity, equity and inclusion. Inclusion of the research opportunities does not imply endorsement or by SAGE and the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging.